Ensuring safe nursing care. Together.

B.C. nursing colleges joining to become one nursing regulator.


Thank you for your interest in the proposed bylaws for BC’s new nursing college. We’re pleased to provide nurses, the public, and other key stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback.

A tremendous amount of work has been done to draft the bylaws presented here. This work has been led by a Bylaw Development Team comprising staff from the three colleges, working in consultation with the leadership teams, the Transition Steering Committee and the three college boards. The Ministry of Health has also been kept apprised of progress.

The aim has been to create bylaws that will enable the college to fully function from Day 1 of amalgamation, Sept. 4, 2018, on the basis of the following principles:

  • to make no major changes besides those required to regulate multiple professions;
  • to make some changes necessary for the transition itself;
  • to clarify or enhance bylaws that support our current work; and
  • to create bylaws for the new governance framework.

Reviewing the bylaws

The bylaws are divided into nine Parts. You are welcome to review one, some or all of the parts or sections.

We’ve also prepared a companion document to give you an overview of the bylaw changes. We recommend you review this document before you begin reviewing the bylaws.

How will feedback be used?

While all suggested changes will be reviewed and given full consideration, we cannot make any guarantees that they will be incorporated into the final version.

Please submit your feedback to bylaws@onenursingcollege.ca by August 15, 2018. Please be sure to reference the bylaw section when giving feedback, e.g. Section 101(2).

Where can I get more information on the creation of a single nursing regulator?

Click here to visit the resource centre.